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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00, 40,000 dollars appears to be missing from a local council of ptas what happened and was it an inside job? >> and takes dangerous and disturbing sexual trend making its way around social media. why some say stealthing is as bad as rain. >> a maryland firefighter is missing part of his leg. but that didn't stop him from winning a worldwide tour tournamentment tonight he is sharing his incredible story. >> without think don't know where i would have ended up. >> your news starts right n now. >> off the top tonight hunt for $39,000 an investigation is underway after the money apparently went missing from an account used to fund the montgomery county council of ptas. thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm
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>> question is was it inside job. "fox5" lauren demarco is working the story us with tonight, lauren. >> that's what it looks like shawn and tony. it appears somebody inside of the council of ptas with access to the checking account stole that money and parents we spoke with tonight find it so hard to believe i'm are a teacher or somebody with kids in the school system would take that money from students. >> it's shocking absolutely shocking and just -- it's unbelievable somebody would do that to kids and families that contribute. it's horrifying. >> well i think that people are very stressed in this economy and they see an opportunity to go ahead and make some easy money or what they think is easy money and i think people are willing to sell their souls to the devil even charity situations. >> members of council first noticed irregularitys with finances in march a
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conduct aid three week internal audit and discovered between july of 2016 and march of this year $39,000 was withdrawn improperly from the council checking account. according to counsel ill president lynn harris, that's when police were notified. >> it's donations and fundraising we're doing for students and teachers and schools and communities. going forward our biggest negative impact sun certainty. we don't know how much at this point we have to start our fiscal year. >> 340g country council of pta is umbrella over 192 local parent teacher associations and each school has one or two representatives and goal is to exchange information and pull support for students. harris newly elected tuesday night is promising transparency and has a plea for the person that took their funds. >> just give us the money back so we can dot work that our members expect us to do. >> and i think they are going
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the person i think whether they get the money back, the money could already be spent. >> reporter: again, montgomery county police are now investigating. no charges have been filed y yet. they say it could take time because they have to go through a lot of bank records and also match up signatures. live in olney, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". we have sad news to report tonight this is developing story a delaware state trooper is dead following a shooting outside of a convenience store. at this hour the suspected shooter is barricaded inside his house. investigators say the shooting happened as corpal stephen ballard approached a car in the parking lot this afternoon and he cot out of the car and shot ballard several times before running off. the other man was arrested on the scene. the gunman is now holed up in his home in middletown, delaware, and fired shots of the officers that surrounded
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we'll follow the story and bring you updates as it happens. >> "fox5" is in montgomery county now gun shots rang out today in downtown silver spring. tonight, three people are in custody, "fox5" marina marraco is live with the latest. marina, what happened. >> shawn, we're learning police believe this may have been a drug deal gone wrong and neighbors on dale drive called police after hearing shots fired 4:30 this afternoon. we're off coalsville road. a few blocks north of downtown silver spring and incredibly no one was injured because you'll see that single bullet tht pierced the windshield of that black vehicle right on the driver's side of the car. police believe that was involved in some sort of illegal activity. they cannot say what exactly just now. and now, neighbors say there was a police chase that ended right here on the corner of dale and king'sburgee drive and also a second scene connected to the shoolting a few blocks south on silver
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here live this is where it all wept down and where those arrests took place. tonight, police credit numerous misses e witnesses with helping them pinpoint the suspects a total of three suspects in custody rights now. they're being questioned by police. and montgomery county's third district. and we're being told that a significant amount of marijuana was recovered on the scene as well as a load vd handgun. live tonight in silver spring, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> new at 10 an american air lines flight headed to floor dpr day from reagan national had to make emergency slappedingal dulles after it hit a flock of birds. sky fox flew over the scene the plane landed safety and taxied to the gate at dulles. none of the passengers or crew members on board were hurt autopsy another plane flew them to florida. a tense battle brewing over metro absent tee policy. metro is bracing for a sickout after 500 rail and bus
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absence request. metro denied all the requests. metro union released a statement asking if wamata will refuse a someone sick from a doctor. and they're unaware and if any metro employee expects to be sick they're adhering to wmata own policy. >> it's in regards of wmata changing the absent tee policy and workers are reacting to the absent teeism policy. since the 2009 train accident for the totten wmata has come up with disciplinary policies and having a whip mentality on the workforce and workers are tired of it. >> they issued new policies and leglations to crackdown on absent teeism. one rule requests sick requests no lows than
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days in advance. >> no hope for sanctuary cities and movement of the federal judge des decision to block the trump administration from withholding money from sanctuary cities. it's third setback for the president as he approaches his 100 day in office this saturday. this month the time of hyattsville passed sanctuary law and city of rockville is considering one. pro immigration expects more cities to join in. >> do you expect more communities to move in a direction of becoming sanctuary cities. >> absolutely that is what i expect and we're working on that. initially people -- >> you're working on that. >> absolutely we're encouraged to provide information to the local jurisdictions. >> a hearing opt sanctuary city law in rockville is set for june. coming up tonight it's a terrible be trail of trust during sex. >> it's a new trend making waves on social media. >> and "fox5" tisha lewis is following this story. tisha. >> shawn, tony, a dangerous trend
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students in the district are sounding off about. it we're talking about ste stealthing, look it up. we'll explain when we come back. >> and plus president trump calls for dramatic tax cuts and it could mean big changes for your wallet. >> and take a look. this puppy is a survivor. his name is eddie. he was in bad shape when found. you'll mar from the animal control over that helped nurse him back to health. >> awww. >> you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time♪ ♪ well, you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine♪ ♪
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>> new tonight ever heard of sfelthing it's a new word and new trend one making its way into bedrooms nationwide. there's nothing sexy about it. in fact it's down right dangerous. tisha lewis is live in norm west tonight with more on what stealthing is. tisha. >> well, shawn, we talked to
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couple of college campuses including here at american university. let's start with definition of stealthing. it is when a man secretly removes his condom during sex without telling his partner then discretely posts about it on social media. d.c. rain crisis center executive director says most of the victims are college students. >> it is rain. because there's no consent. and if there's no consent then it's rain. we are getting a lot of hot line calls as well as folks coming in for counseling particularly college age students who are experiencing this. >> what is message to men engaging in stealthing not realizing the harmful nature of it all. >> they're engaging in rain. >> that is d.c. rain crisis center executive director who says victims of this sexual trend started calling hot line a
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up in the last 30 days. the biggest obstacle says most victims don't know how to verbalize what happened to them. the court system is reportedly not named an address of this stealthing practice and this could change that the act is getting so much attention. sdmri think it's really hurtful for our teenager today. i don't think it's okay in any form ever. it's violation of consensual sext. invasion of trust and rain consult tuvrment it's just i think it's a violation of a woman's privacy. >> area college students have mivrmd reactions about ste stealthing. most do agree removing
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post about it online is some type of violation. awareness of the trend comes on heels of journal of gender and law report by d.c. based national women's law center attorney alexander broad ski. she say it exposes victims to pregnancy and disease and transforms consensual sex into non consensual sex. she goes on to describe stealthing as a type of sexual violence. it's also important to note that stealthing is also taking place among gay men. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> tish a. maybe it's too new to know. is this illegal then. could police arrest someone because of this? >> well that's a great question, shawn, when i can tem you broad ski asked the question is it scal and she says maybe it could be depending what happens next. it's all circle around con consent. and
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or some type of transmission of sexual disease then it could quickly end up in the court system. but it is very new and at least from our understanding there are no indications prosecuted yet. >> it is despicable though. tisha lewis with the story. thank you. . now to a bizarre story out of ohio a missing woman was rescued from a pit naamans backyard. she was reported missing 2 a.m. wednesday and neighbors called police several hours later after hearing cries coming from a shed. officers found the woman in a pit about 2 feet wide and 3 1/2 feet deep in the shed behind the house. police arrested a man on kidnapping charges and the woman told investigators the man has been harassing her with phone calls and text mess oojs. president trump's highly anticipated fax plan was unveiled today including deep cuts for both individuals and businesses. proposal would drop the top tax rates for individuals to 35%. standard deduction for individuals
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it would also reduce the corporate tax rate to the 15%. trump plan would eliminate unpopular estate tax and alternative minimum tax. administration said new plan will not add to the deficit but lawmakers on both sides are skeptical. >> our basic premise here is to simplify the tax sim. lower rates and make it easy. we don't want to penalize people we want to make the system fair. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduced reduction of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> treasury secretary manugen says he's confident they can get it passed by the end of 20 17. let's take it outside. it's mostly clear out there tonight. earlier, though, this afternoon, finally the sunshine came out for the first time in days. and guess what, we got more changes on the way. sue palka joins us now with the changes. hey, sue. >> s
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for starters more sunshine again tomorrow. >> all right. >> we might start with a log fog in the morning though and it won't last long. we'll burn offer by midday. check out the weatherhead line it whim be a much warmer thursday ahead. low to mid 80s is what you can expect. tomorrow afternoon. but, again, we still have this big swriling storm system. it's really now kind ever due east of new york city and pulling away with the clouds you can see right here they really lasted a long time. so it was in slow motion and it took quite a long time to clear. this afternoon we finally got enough sunshine across most of the area to be able to get up to 72 reagan and dulles 73 and bwi still in the louds and 66 degrees and so they have not quite cleared out yet and we're surrounded by warm air and it's waiting to get in south and west and that will come rushing in here tomorrow afternoon. now, just again want to remind you that because there's still a little bit of moisture around in the form of humidity, we could see some fog later tonight forming and that may be a round
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often develop when we have fog. it's not a repeat of the storm system. it should burn off in a couple hours and then the warm air surging in in the afternoon helps to pump temperatures low to mid 80s with a gusty wind out of the south as well. late tomorrow night, another front comes through and might come through as showers. but i think those will hold off until after 8 or 9:00. so we'll track those showers with you and let you know how things are looking for the end of week and weekend in a while, tony. >> sue, thank you so much. coming up next introducing you to a man with an incredible story to tell. a terrible accident push him ovt edgeen over came diversity to back world champion marital artist and did it while fis missing part of his leg. what drives him to succeed, next. >> tomorrow on "fox5"olympic gold medalists simone biles talks live with the morning crew to share why she's vi visiting a local school and capital hill. plus singer
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reality star omarian we'll talk about his brand new item and work with the will and jada smith foundation. >> big show. >> it's a big show. >> we'll be right
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>> it would be incredible accomplishment on two legs but this man here made today in one leg. >> ronald man lost part of his leg in a motorcycle accident in 1995. our photographer dan gunvich has more on inspirational story. >> 30 days after the accident i had a gun my head. and just bri pulled the trigger i decided i was not going to quit. fy was going to die i was going to die fighting. ♪ ♪ [ rocky theme ]. >> i found my path throu
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jujitsu. coming out when i lost my leg this was 20 years ago no para olympics or television and i found my way and wasn't it marital arts as way of recovery. i was not allowed to train in most gimz they turned me away there was never an amputee training marital arts. i wanted to start competing and we had to drive 4 1/2 hours away in chicago and hi to wear long pants and my leg pad up to make me compatible. i knocked a die out and took my leg off and raised it above my head and the entire stadium went quiet and realized what happened and exploded. i can remember that, at that point is when i felt people. years go by and they offer me a chance. nobody knew if an amputee could do. it live combat sport. you cannot think about. it it's not linear
10:25 pm
have to act and flow and that shows true abixt i refrird mixed marital arts after my title i heard about this world jujitsu tournament. >> they said he could not use prosthetic he had to learn not to have that limb post anymore and we had him go and compete. he it to fight able bodied opponents without a pros prosthetic. first match ruch are second better and submitted to rest of opponent and winning it. >> there are advantages. you cannot ankle lock me i dpopt have a ankle. i can not block is a disadd van tavrjt i can not sweep from that side. people are stunned they cannot believe they got beelt by a one-legged dude. >> it's a lifestyle. it teaches you how to solve problems under duress. and the things we learn here are
10:26 pm
our lives. without this i don't know where i would have end pd up with jujitsu i'm a world champion. >> he's amazing. i mean. >> he really is. >> when you think of all of us able bodyid people who say we can't do things are you kidding me. >> that's what i love about a story like that. it shows us you never know what i can do null really put your mind to it. >> inspiration indeed. >> guys, what do you think. was he not inspirational jim and sarah. >> incredible. >> that was great. >> you're right whether you have that measure of doubt and you can't do something and he's like you're wrong. >> look at smin like him. >> shawn and i will be back at 11. >> in the districts all about air bnb and the city is l looking to block people from renting homes out if they don't meet deadlines. >> lawmakers for and against. it now a different side to the story one man tells us about the big impact this would have on his family. >> smart use of tech
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>> right now another 10:30 school scandal following the money trail after 40 grand appears have gone missing from montgomery country council of ptas. >> and wow wear a bar code so your employer could track you on the job? the app from a local startup that is raising eyebrows. >> and it's one of the most popular and controversial shows of the moment and one of the stars came to you're area with an important message. this is "fox5 local news at 10":30. and i thank you for joining us i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm jim lokay. >> 39,000 meant for montgomery county council of fas messing. >> lauren demarco is
10:31 pm
lauren. >> jim, sarah, $39,000 that would have gone to programs for kids, teachers or community. on the web site the montgomery kouvrnty council of pta says internal audit revealed that someone had been taking funds from its checking account and it's believed there was a member of the council who had access to that account. police investigation is just beginning. no charges were filed yet. >> you saw the story breaking at 5 tonight. marina marraco filing an investigation into silver spring. >> sarah, jim, police believe it was a drug deal gone wrong that led to shots fired in silver spring. windshield of the black car the only casualty in the shooting owe and tonight three men in custody and still questioned by investigators after a large amount of marijuana and a loaded handgun were found on the scene. >> also tonight a disturbing and dangerous social media trend. >>
10:32 pm
bad as rain. tisha lewis with more on what stealthing is. >> reporter: well, jim, college students across the district are sounding off about stealthing including those at american university. stealthing when a man removed a condom during sex without consent of partner and he removes it and posts about it on social media. they're receiveing a lot of calls and victims coming in. victims of tellthing. most of those victims are college students. >> and i'm sue palka with a look at weatherhead lines. it was nice to seep the sunshine pop out today and you'll see more of it tomorrow. i want to meng that we may start with a little bit of fog and some low clouds late tonight that will form and maybe around with us for the first part of thursday morning and will not last long by 10:00 or so skies should be brighter and get
10:33 pm
heat to be back as the sun comes back by mid-morning and the heat is really going to pump up and we'll head mid to low 80s. there could be showers around tomorrow night. generally after 8:00 moving from west to east there's a frontal boundary crossing. it should be gone by friday morning and friday, also, looking like a desk day. saturday could be shot and humid. can't rule out a popup thunderstorm. looks like surprised will be cooler and well talk more about the weekend and take you hour by hour through tomorrow's forecast. get ready for the 80s to make ape come back. jim, sarah. >> well, debate continues right now over air bnb regulations in the district. there are supporters that say running the property is great way to make extra money. others are concerned online rent oolz pull over the market. d.c. council will block a bill from renting out homes on eyre bnb if they don't meet strict guidelines. >> we found a
10:34 pm
has grown and more people are sharing homes that we've encountered folks that don't want air bnb to exist and they view air bnb and home sharin as competition to traditional hotels. >> you've heard the adds out there pro and con and owners would need a business license and rent a spice in the the house they live in unless vacation rental and that has a 15 night cap. >> the other side of the copy residents that dependent on the income and financial flexibility it gives families. >> listing his home when family is out of town allows him to stay another home with his daughter and he feels it should target the bad apples instead of cutting down the entire tree. >> this claims to only impact commercial operators with multiple properties and has broader impact on that. it allow
10:35 pm
my daughter. otherwise i would have to accepted her and my paycheck to daycare. >> he bring in 11,000 -- breaks in 11,500 a sgleer how would you feel if had you a wear a bar code at work. it's called iris and provide data after who is and is not present at a job site. it's the same thing they use for easy bass and we're talking about people and supporters say it's innovative tool that helps companies save time and money and others say total invasion of privacy. >> now we know who is here and how long they're here and when they're here and what consistency they're here and we're able to look at it. >> i would not want a wear a bar code if that were me. >> why. >> i like my employers to
10:36 pm
job and be where i need to be and not have to track me with a bar code. >> so there's a dozen companies currently using i rise technical and 25 projects in the d.c. metro area. you get the idea some say invasion of privacy and i know we use key cards and you out there swipe in own out of work. >> it's the next logical step at the same time. but it's on you. >> right. >> but my question is, that's what i'm cure why is about. if you have a key card on you and have it in your pocket can that information be read in some way, shape or form. >> you never know. >> it's always -- >> technology. >> next creepy step. >> i think we all agree on that. >> up next amazon wants to you get ready to head out the door in the morning. >> this is maryland home of legendary athlete. it's on the market and the price took a dramatic drop. hurry, jim, maybe we can get. it we'll take a look inside next next
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asking price for this mansion right here this home in baltimore county dropped drastically not a big daviay legrand deal until you realize it's call ripkins home. the's state listed.75 million which is down from 12.5 when it hit the market last mall. bargain. it features 15 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and two four car garages and baseball field and basketball court and pool. realtors hope byp dropping price it attracts a new group. >> i'm sure you can find a wonderful bathroom out of the 15 there. >> theoretically you could use one bathroom twice a month and
10:41 pm
>> wow. that's the lifestyle yeah. >> amazon rolling out new device to make morning routine easier. it's called echo look. and it features a built in camera with lext d lighting to tell you how ugly or hot your out fit looks. the depth sensing video takes full length videos and style feature to get advice from experts. the device is only available by invite. selling for $2 0 0. >> if you think this sounds familiar sarah did a story a month ago. >> this came out a month or so ago on the app. >> if you have amazon and you access that for free the technology not necessarily the built in camera. >> however i have faith in you that you can choose your own clothes out there. >> up next. important reason a star of controversial new show was in northern virginia today. >> wizards back on home court for pivotal game five against
10:42 pm
series hanging in the balance.
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>> police in howard country need your help finding someone who abone doneed a puppy. it was in columbia nay con container eddie, extremely emaciated on wound and missing fur. animal control officers deposit think he would survive and one month later he's like a brand new puppy. >> you knew from the beginning he was a tough pu puppy. for him to be in the condition he was in and still able to show love and want to fight there was real a good chance as long as he was willing to work with us and the vet to get where he needed to be. >> eddie surprise for adoption in case you did not hear that. there you go. >> here's the thing.
10:46 pm
there's a lot more in our area that need a home. >> please rescue. >> and why do people hurt animals. >> we have our own special another time for that one. we're glad this has a happy ending. today had a happy ending soak all day from many areas and when the sun popped out it was pleasant everything looked green even though we didn't have a ton of rain it was pleasant out there. we're hoping next thursday a week from tomorrow is a dry day. we can use rain and we don't want it next thursday and here's why. live over clear skies in d.c. hoping for same next thursday weather day alternate's park and we're excited to say we'll be out through with the kids for many schools around the region early in the morning take about weather and talking about weather saferty and kids get to stay and watch the game afterwards.
10:47 pm
team. meanwhile bus stop forecast tomorrow morning sorry to say we did cannot ditch the fog yet. temperature-wise not bad. 55 to 62 where we have been the past few more and fog takes until 9 or 10 to burn off and where you see fog is likely where had you sunshine before the end ever day. so clear skies might promote that a bit. after school, nice, 83 to 86 degrees and kids have plenty of time top joy nice weather after school. that's for sure. we're going 85 tomorrow. some places will stay in low 80s. friday, 83, too, what you don't see is what we get in between thursday and friday and looks like maybe showers or perhaps rumble of thunlder tomorrow night i'll show you on future cast in a home. this is why we've been cloudy for so long. that slow-moving system working its way up the coast and off to sea. boss stop clearing out. took a while for clouds to clear out they did west to east and we
10:48 pm
half of day in most areas. and while we have high cloud cover out there inches now we're going to watch because klo closer to morning all what you see here is likely fog forming begin. maybe gentleman time needed in some spots. maybe not everyone sees it either. check out mike and tucker tomorrow morning and you can see by noon we're back to clear skies. i'll run this back to about 8:00 tomorrow morning and there's a frontal boundary going to push through and might have a little moisture with. it i think it might ab i little over done. but, most will be in and it brakes up through the d.c. area around 11:00 and good news by the time the sun comes up on friday looks like the clouds will be out of here or at least on the east side of the bay. and so temperature-wise this moment mostly in the low 60s. comfortable out there again and watch for development of fog later and keep it in the forecast for you tomorrow morning. by noon, 5 and it's going to get breezy tomorrow afternoon. out of the south a warm
10:49 pm
20 to 25 miles an hour and really will power that heat into the area. that's why we go for 85 tomorrow. maybe 82 becameersburg and 83 hagerstown and some places obviously low 80s. there's the front coming through tomorrow night. but again it's going to keep on moving. so we'll have a sunny friday out of it as well. let's talk about the weekend with the "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast. we're thinking 90 doable on saturday. hot and humid enough there could be isolated popup thunderstorm and sunday is a challenging temperature forecast. because there's going to be a front moving from north to south and we don't know how far south it gets. 78 right now and some places could be cooler and some places could be warmer depending when the front parks. monday, 83. storms likely. we dry out tuesday and wednesday. back in the 0s. that's forecast. jim, sarah back to you. >> see these don't kill yourself posters on the wall why did they do it b
10:50 pm
kids treated her like [bleep]. >> a lot of people are talking about controversial netflix "13 reasons why" about a high school student that takes her own life. >> i it has schools sending warnings to parents kawinging about the serious topics in the show including not only suicide but sexual violence in school khupties. >> one of the students appeared another george mason to talk about the issue and talk to our bob barnard. >> there's all kind of ways to feel lonely. >> netflix sensation is 13 party siri about rain and suicide in a high school community. subjects that are difficult but very real actress alisha boe place jessica. >> the reception is positive and i'm happy because the fans that came up to me have thanked me and more so parents come up to me thanking me for making the show because now they understand what teenagers in this generation have to go through with social
10:51 pm
and i think it just makes us more self aware as people. >> the executive producer of 13 reasons why says rain and suicide are important subjects to talk about. >> rain is so prev lapt 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted. if we cannot hoe that in a way that makes people understand it's real that it happened and they're not alen and they can turn to their mother or father like jessica dave iltion does in the show and say daddy, something happened to me. and that is what we're trying to do by making this show. >> producer joy goreman and actress boe spoke at george mason for a program about sexual assault on campus. >> we want the survivors in the room today to know that your voice matters. your story is important. and your truth is real.
10:52 pm
about it tell you the story of my sglivr in the netflix tv show. >> more specifically why my life ended. >> lead character commits suicide after being raped leaving her family, friend and entire school community devastated. >> the show really shows how painful and permanent it is. so i think since we're not roman anesthetizing suicide it makes kids understand that should not be the final option that there is a tomorrow and a next year and you should reach out to anyone, crisis line, parents, loved one. >> the sexual assault aw awareness program at george mason called "it's on us" bob barnard, "fox5" local news. >> all right. let's check in with tony and shawn to see what's coming up at 11. >> lots of good stuff as you know. we'll be talking about a possible medical break through. this is extraordinary. recreating a mother's woman artificially could give premature baby as i fig
10:53 pm
>> and people watched and waited for months to see arrival of april the giraffe new call of and her caretakers ned need your help. you how you could get involved on naming the baby all ahead on the news at 11. >> well, first stocks wore jumping before the tax cut plan was announced and dipped after it was announced. white house proposing to cut the current 7 individual income tax break totes 3 and 10%, 25%, 30% while lowering corporate tax rate 35% to 15%. most of major markets slipping on apparent worries the plan will be passed any time toon soon or at all. russel 2000 managed to hit a new high. twitter the trend on wednesday company stocks surging nearly 10% after reporting it now as nearly 333 million active monthly users and that was more than expected. meanwhile chipolte may have been hacked the mexican
10:54 pm
unauthorized activity on car transactions made between march 24 and april 18 this of this year and most millennials are optimistic of achieving american dream according to bank of the west survey. more than eight in ten young adults are confident their dreams will be reality. that's business i'm neal cputo.
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sglovr was not necessarily a must win but think had a chance to put the hawks on the ropes of round one of first round playoff series. it started 6:00. if you missed it we'll take you to the verizon center. john wall with the fans on their feet. drives, left handed jam. that's two of 20 on the night for wall. early in the fourth though the lead 7. wizards
10:58 pm
perimeter and find wide on kelly ubre on the ring and jams wizards up by nine and with five point in go they're closing in lead at 5. wall, drops into goreton only basket of the night but a key one. 103-99 brody with more on the game five victory. >> all along wizards played better at home than on the road. you see that in the series. when they got back home here today they were greeted a by scene that lacked like this foul of empty seats. it was scheduling for nba scheduled today's game 6:00. no fault to d.c. fans they could not get here in time. once here they ramped up energy and wizards had zero fast break point. then as fans came in and cheered on this team they
10:59 pm
got outrunning in the transition game and fueled off this fan base with big threes from otto porter and huge posterizeing dunk from john wall. after today's win the question is will this team be able to carry that momentum when they go from having thousands of fans backing them to having thousands of fans cheering against them. >> we have to have the same mentality and focus we had here at home. we have a different edge about ourselves we're more locked in and same approach coming down. >> we know they have amazing crowd they'll come out and be loud. this is our first time having a closeout game on the road. got to see what we can do. got to keep taking care of the ball and shots. >> witnesses ardz will get a win in atlanta and close out this series. they'll need this man to start to show up. goretot on today'stic ep and badly showed up on the extort
11:00 pm
game. if wizards close out a tough team down low in atlanta they're going to need the hammer to throw the hammer down in atl. at the verizon center, brody loing app. "fox5" sports. >> that does it force at 10:30. news at 11 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00. s with was it inside job? thousands of dollars are reported missing from the montgomery county council of ptas. a live report straight ahead. >> and basically having whip meant tallty on the workforce and workers are tired of it. >> another controversy involving metro what the transit agency had to say after hundreds of employees requested sick leave. >> i came up with a tax plan many people like very, very much and it will be tremendous


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